Buying New vs Certified Pre-Owned

If you cannot buy a New Nissan Altima, a New Mitsubishi, or a New KIA vehicle, you can instead opt for a certified pre-owned alternative. Residents of Neptune, NJ, and individuals residing in the areas of Freeheld, Asbury Park, and Belmar can choose from the Sansone used car inventory. Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall is one of the more reputed used car dealers in NJ. We sell CPO as well as new vehicles to our customers. No matter what your pick, drop by today to enjoy the best auto deals and discounts you could possibly be offered in the neighborhood.

How Do CPO Vehicles Match Upto New Ones?

A CPO vehicle offers you manufacturer’s warranty guaranteed the same as a new vehicle and happens to be only a couple years older. All of this for a much discounted price! Then should you really spend the extra sum just to own a new vehicle? 

Okay, so you will probably be able to enjoy a more extensive warranty cover on your brand new car purchase. However, CPO vehicles often extend their warranty cover by a year or two, so you get considerable manufacturer’s warranty protection on them as well.

New cars suffer maximum depreciation of value in their first year of ownership. When you buy a CPO one-year-old car instead, you are provided with a lot more opportunity to save financially. If you’re on a budget or wish to avoid depreciation of value on your car, a CPO vehicle is the ideal choice for you.

You don’t need to worry about any expensive repairs on your CPO vehicle. If you’re still weighing whether buying a CPO car would be wise, let us ease your worries further. A CPO vehicle, unlike other used vehicles offered by regular dealerships, undergoes a multi-point inspection. Only when the used vehicle qualifies in this multi-point inspection is it included in the CPO fleet. If there are any issues found with the vehicle, it is repaired and refurbished accordingly before being offered up for sale under the CPO program. No manufacturer will want to offer expensive service repairs under its warranty package, so it is only natural for them to observe this precautionary measure. 

The Verdict

If you want a good deal, the CPO car triumphs over a new car any day. However, if you simply want a new car to call your own instead and can afford the additional cost, buy a new car by all means.