Safety Alert: Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes

Defective brakes are not something anybody would enjoy in their car. A brake-failure poses a great danger to both the driver and passengers. It is critical to keep the brake system tended to at all times. 

Does Your Vehicle Need New Breaks in Neptune, NJ?

Let's review some warning signs that our team at Sansone Jr’s 66 advises you pay attention to.


Signs of low brake fluid or groover rooters can involve clicking, grinding, squealing, or rumbling while you pull the brakes. A loud, screeching noise is the sign of worn-out brake pads, which would need a quick replacement


The typical size of brake pads is a quarter of an inch thick. So if you find your brake pads are thinner than that, it’s time to get them changed. If you would like to check the brake pads for yourself, inspect between the spokes of the tire. On this spot, you will see the rotor and the metal caliper on the outer edge. 

Between the rotor and the caliper lies the brake pads. Determine the thickness of the brake pads to find out if they are required for a change.


If the brake pedals or steering wheel vibrate when you pull the brakes, that means something is wrong. Most times, it is a scored rotor, especially a severely grooved one. Vibrations during pulling brakes displays a sign of trouble. If left for too long, they might cost a lot more if the rotor needs repair or replacement.


A properly functioning brake system will have a brake pedal which gets firmer progressively as you keep pressing harder. If your brake pedal has become really mushy or needs a much harder foot force; it is time to examine for air or a fluid leak in the brake line.

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Take note of these four tell-tale signs when you are driving. If you happen to notice any of these, get your vehicle’s brakes checked. At Sansone Jr’s 66,  our Service Staff and technicians are highly trained on all factory services for your car.