5 Ways to Be a Better Driver in New Jersey

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Driving is quite important in today's day and age. And just like any other skill, it can become rusty with lack of practice or plain complacency. So, Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall in Neptune, NJ, made a list of 5 things you need to become a better driver: -

1. Be Alert

Driving, be it in Freehold, Asbury Park, or Belmaris, a collective activity. You are always accompanied by other vehicles with drivers of varying competence. Hence, to maximize you and your loved one's safety, you need to be alert on the road. Never take the wheel when you are drunk or sleepy. Both these conditions significantly decrease your reaction time and greatly enhance the chances of an accident.

Also, do away with any distractions in your vehicle that might affect your concentration. Currently, the biggest distraction in our lives seems to be our phone. So, remember to connect your phone to your vehicle's navigation system before the start of any drive. Put up your music, messages, and maps on the vehicle screen to minimize the urge to pick up your phone mid-drive. This will ensure your undivided attention on the road.

2. Hold The Steering Wheel Correctly

The proper way to hold the steering wheel is to place your hands slightly lower than the conventional 10 to 2 position. This gives you better control over the vehicle. Also, grasp the wheel gently and not very tightly. Holding it very firmly will lead to trouble in maneuvering, leading to a less smooth and stable drive.

3. Pay Attention To The Mirrors

Take your time and adjust the mirrors well so that they cover all your blind spots. This way, you significantly reduce any chance of a mishap.

4. Do Not Speed

Speeding lowers your control over your car, leading to higher incidents of crashes that could have been entirely avoided.

5. Lane Etiquette

Keep an optimal distance before the automobile in front of you. If you are too close, you increase the chances of a collision and put unnecessary pressure by braking and accelerating more often. Also, avoid weaving in and out of lanes. Your impatience won't get you to your destination any faster.