Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Changes

Any car owner knows how regular car maintenance is integral to the longevity of their car. If they fail to have their car serviced from time to time, their car’s health could suffer. In fact, their car could eventually be headed for a premature demise. Changing your car’s engine oil routinely is one of the car maintenance exercises that could help keep your automobile functioning optimally for long. However, not many of you are aware of how frequently your car’s oil should be changed or what sort of oil you should use for your car’s engine. We discuss 3 of the most frequently asked questions about car oil changes and related oil change tips below.

When Should I Get My Car’s Engine Oil Replaced?

Car experts believe that you should ideally change your car’s oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. A better estimate for changing your vehicle’s oil is your vehicle’s own in-built oil-change alert system, if any. If your car is not installed with a system, then you can always refer to its manufacturer’s manual. The manufacturer’s user guide that is supplied with a new car purchase usually contains valuable information regarding the car’s oil change frequency.

Does Your Car Engine’s Year, Model, or Make Impact the Oil You Should Use?

The answer to this, too, is a resounding yes. Again, refer to your car manufacturer’s user guide. It will direct you on the engine oil type, viscosity, and interval durations. Usually, newer engines demand engine oils with lighter viscosities. These oils need not be changed very frequently. However, if you use the older variant of dense engine oils, you will need to have your engine oil changed at shorter intervals.

What if I’m Late in Changing My Car Engine’s Oil?

Try not to exceed specified engine oil change intervals. It could end up harming your car’s engine. Engine oil burns out soon enough, and your engine no longer has the protection provided to it by your engine oil’s additives, which allow it to function in different road conditions. Change your engine oil in a timely manner and replace your engine oil filter too. It will keep your car’s engine running as desired. 

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