Why Are Tire Rotations Important?

Before we begin discussing why routinely rotating your car’s tires is important, allow us to inform you about our Neptune, NJ car service department at Sansone Jr’s 66 Automall. We are located near the surrounding areas of Asbury Park, Belmar, and Freehold. We request you to visit our automobile service department for tires in NJ and for tire servicing operations, among others.

What Comprises Tire Rotations?

You need to routinely reposition your vehicle’s tires in various different patterns, be it side to side or front to back. It is integral for your car tire’s maintenance and safety. In fact, car rotations may even be directed in your car tire’s warranty coverage instructions. Rotate your vehicle’s tires at intervals guided by your car’s manufacturer’s user manual or every 5,000 miles. If you find this difficult to remember, just make a note to have your car’s tires rotated every time you take your car to a car service department for an oil change. 

Besides the advantages listed above, rotating your car’s tires also provides you with the opportunity to examine your car tire’s condition and health. You can check for any damages, lapse in air pressure, tread depth, and rebalancing requirement.

Other Advantages of Tire Rotations

When you rotate your car’s tires routinely, any wear is spread uniformly across all tires, maximizing their tread life. It is because each of your tires is required to perform differently for your vehicle. A Front Wheel Drive vehicle’s front wheels will be more prone to wear than its rear wheels. In order to balance out this wearing tendency, you will need to rotate your tires now and then, spreading the tire wear even. 

Also, tread wear actually helps to equal the tread depth. Handling and contraction improve with a uniform tread depth across all tires. It is yet another reason for you to rotate your car’s tires periodically. 

Can You Do It Yourself?

After you’ve learned about all the factors which necessitate routine tire rotations, you will naturally want to know if you can DIY this at home. While there’s no reason you shouldn’t, you will need to be aware of the tire rotation patterns and be in possession of the required tools. An easier option is to have your tires rotated professionally and expertly at a car service department.