Kia Sorento Maintenance Schedule

Whether you are using a new Kia Sorento or a used one, regular maintenance is key to retain the amazing performance of the vehicle and prevent unnecessary problems.

Here’s a Kia Sorento maintenance checklist that you must abide by to enable your Kia to always be there for you:

Change Engine Oil Every 7,500 Miles

Changing the engine oil is crucial to maintain your Kia’s engine in top-notch condition. Regular oil changes prevent impurities such as sludge from ruining your engine efficiency and causing severe engine problems, including early wear and tear and breakdowns.

Change Oil Filter Every 7,500 Miles

Your Kia’s oil filter purifies the oil that goes into the engine. But it can get dirty and clogged over time with impurities such as dust, grit, dirt, and other debris. Ignoring the dirty filter causes these unwanted substances to seep into the engine, causing the engine surface to wear.

Rotate Tires Every 7,500 Miles

This extends the life of your Sorento’s tires. It encourages improved tread depth and, as a result, offers better traction on roads. You get enhanced control over your Sorento on busy roads and at turnings too.

Change Air Filter Every 30,000 Miles

The purpose of an air filter is to purify the air entering the engine for combustion. Air filters can, however, get clogged by the contaminants they filter over time.

If such filters are not replaced, they become inefficient at blocking out impurities. As a result, particulate matter can enter the engine, reducing its operational efficiency and causing premature wear.

Change Coolant Every 90,000 Miles

A coolant absorbs the extreme heat generated by a running engine. With time, the coolant can develop an acidic nature due to electrolysis. As a result, it becomes less efficient at absorbing heat. The unabsorbed heat, left unflushed, can damage the engine and its nearby components.

Change Spark Plugs Every 100,000 Miles

The spark plugs create the ignition required for combustion. An efficient combustion process is essential for the smooth start of your Kia. But the spark plugs start wearing with time and use. As a result, they start demanding more voltage to do their work.

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Source: Sansone Jr's 66 Automall